Man pages for dualKS
Dual KS Discriminant Analysis and Classification

class.DKSClassifierClass to contain gene set signatures.
class.DKSGeneScoresClass to contain dual Kolmogorov Smirnov rank sum...
class.DKSGeneSetClass to contain gene signatures.
class.DKSPredictedClass to contain classification results from dksClassify
dksA demonstration data set for package dualKS.
dksClassifyPredict classes for gene expression sets.
dksCustomClassCreate a classification object from predefined gene...
dksPermEstimate significance of signature scores.
dksSelectGenesExtract gene signatures from a DKSGeneScores object.
dksTrainPerform Dual KS Discriminant Analysis
dksWeightsCalculate gene weights based on average expression.
dualKS-packageDual KS Discriminant Analysis and Classification
KSCalculate Kolmogorov Smirnov rank sum scores.
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