Man pages for epigenomix
Epigenetic and gene transcription data normalization and integration with mixture models

bayesMixModelFits a Bayesian mixture model using Markov Chain Monte Carlo...
calculateCrossCorrelationCalculate the cross correlation for a given GRanges object.
ChIPseqSet-classClass '"ChIPseqSet"'
eSetExample gene expression data set.
fpkmExample RNA-seq data set.
getAlignmentQualityCalculation of basic alignments statistics
integrateDataCalculates a normalized correlation score from ChIP-seq and...
mappedReadsMapped reads obtained from a anti-histone ChIP-seq...
matchProbeToPromoterA function assigning promoter regions to given probe IDs.
MixModelBayes-classClass '"MixModelBayes"'
MixModel-classClass '"MixModel"'
MixModelML-classClass '"MixModelML"'
MixtureComponent-classClass '"MixtureComponent"'
mlMixModelFits a mixture model using the maximum likelihood principle.
normalizeNormalization of ChIP-seq and other count data
normalizeChIPNormalization of ChIP-seq count data. (deprecated)
plotChainsProduces trace plots for a Bayesian mixture model
plotClassificationPlot classification obtained from a mixture model.
plotComponentsPlots the mixture density together with the densities of all...
summarizeReadsCount reads lying within given regions.
transToTSSA data frame with Ensemble transcript IDs and transcriptional...
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