Man pages for ggbio
Visualization tools for genomic data

arrangeGrobByParsingLegendArrange grobs by parse their legend.
autoplot-methodGeneric autoplot function
geom_alignment-methodAlignment geoms for GRanges object
geom_arch-methodArch geoms for GRanges object
geom_arrow-methodArrow geoms for GRanges object
geom_arrowrect-methodArrowrect geoms for GRanges object
geom_bar-methodSegment geoms for GRanges object
geom_chevron-methodChevron geoms for GRanges object
geom_rect-methodRect geoms for GRanges object
geom_segment-methodSegment geoms for GRanges object
ggbio-classclass ggbio
ggplot-methodggplot methods
ggsaveSave a ggplot object or tracks with sensible defaults
Grob-classGrob getter
layout_circle-methodCreate a circle layout
layout_karyogram-methodCreate a karyogram layout
navSimple navigation for ggbio object.
Plot-classPlot class
plotFragLengthPlot estimated fragment length for paired-end RNA-seq data
plotGrandLinearManhattan for GWAS
plotRangesLinkedToDataPlot Ranges Linked with Data
plotSingleChromPlot single chromosome with cytobands
plotSpliceSumPlot Splice Summary from RNA-seq data
plotStackedOverviewPlot stacked overview
rescale-methodrescale ggplot object
scale_fill_fold_changescale color for fold change values
scale_fill_giemsascale filled color to customized giemsa color.
scale_x_sequnitscale x by unit
stat_aggregate-methodGenerates summaries on the specified windows
stat_bin-methodBinning method
stat_coverage-methodCalculate coverage
stat_gene-methodCalculate gene structure
stat_identity-methodTransform the data to a data.frame and for multiple geoms.
stat_mismatch-methodCalculate mismatch summary
stat_reduce-methodReduce an object.
stat_slice-methodSlice Rle/RleList to view them as bar or heatmap.
stat_stepping-methodCalculate stepping levels
stat_table-methodTabulate a GRanges object
themetheme in ggbio
Tracked-classTracked class
tracksTracks for genomic graphics
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