Man pages for gpuMagic
An openCL compiler with the capacity to compile R functions and run the code on GPU

as.matrix.gpuMatrixConvert the gpuMatrix object into a matrix
as.vector.gpuMatrixConvert the gpuMatrix object into a vector
compileGPUCodeCompile the R function without excute it in the device.
DeviceInfoQuery and select the devices
dot-kernelExcute the openCL function
extract-methodsextract/set parts of the data in gpuMatrix object
gpuMagic.getAvailableTypeGet all the available openCL variable type
gpuMagic.getMemUsageGet the device memory usage
gpuMagic.getOptionsGet the openCL options
gpuMagic.setOptionsSet the openCL options
gpuMatrixgpuMatrix class
gpuSapplyA GPU version of the sapply function
gpuSapply.getOptionGet the package compilation options
internalFunctionsInternal usage only, the package export this function only...
kernel.getOptionGet the openCL compilation options
MatrixCreate a matrix
ncol-gpuMatrix-methodgpuMatrix class
no_copy_methodNo copy method
printFunctionsPrint the available options in a pretty format
ScalarCreate a scalar variable
subRefGet a reference of the subset of a matrix
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