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graph: A package to handle graph data structures

acc-methodsMethods for Accessibility Lists
adjacencyMatrixCompute an Adjacency Matrix for a graphBAM object
adj-methodsMethods for finding the adjacency list for selected nodes.
apoptosisGraphKEGG apoptosis pathway graph
attrData-classClass "attrData"
attrDataItem-methodsGet and set attributes values for items in an attrData object
attrDefaults-methodsGet and set the default attributes of an attrData object
aveNumEdgesCalculate the average number of edges in a graph
biocReposA graph representing the Bioconductor package repository
boundaryReturns the Boundary between a Graph and a SubGraph
calcProbCalculate the hypergeometric probability of the subgraph's...
calcSumProbCalculate the probability that a subgraph has an unusual...
clusterGraph-classClass "clusterGraph"
clusteringCoefficient-methodsClustering coefficient of a graph
defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'graph'
DFSDepth First Search
distGraph-classClass "distGraph"
edgeDataDefaults-methodsGet and set default attributes for the edges of a graph
edgeData-methodsGet and set attributes for the edges of a graph object
edgeMatrixCompute an Edge Matrix or weight vector for a Graph
edgeSetsMultiGraph edgeSet data
edgeWeightsRetrieve the edge weights of a graph
fromGXL-methodsMethods for GXL manipulations in package graph
graph2SparseMCoercion methods between graphs and sparse matrices
graphAM-classClass "graphAM"
graphBAM-classEXPERIMENTAL class "graphBAM"
graph-classClass "graph"
graphExamplesA List Of Example Graphs
graphNEL-classClass "graphNEL"
IMCAKEGG Integrin Mediated Cell Adhesion graph
inEdgesGeneric Method inEdges
internalVariables used for internal purposes
isAdjacent-methodsDetermine if nodes share an edge in a graph
isDirected-methodsDetermine if a graph has directed or undirected edges
leavesFind the leaves of a graph
listEdgesList the Edges of a Graph
MAPKsigA graph encoding parts of the MAPK signaling pathway
matrix2GraphCoercions between matrix and graph representations
mostEdgesFind the node in a graph with the greatest number of edges
multigraphClass "multiGraph"
MultiGraph-classEXPERIMENTAL class "MultiGraph"
nodeDataDefaults-methodsGet and set default attributes for the nodes of a graph
nodeData-methodsGet and set attributes for the nodes of a graph object
numNoEdgesCalculate the number of nodes that have an edge list of NULL
pancrCaIniA graph encoding parts of the pancreatic cancer initiation...
randomEGraphRandom Edge Graph
randomGraphRandom Graph
randomNodeGraphGenerate Random Graph with Specified Degree Distribution
renderInfo-classClass "renderInfo"
reverseEdgeDirectionsReverse the edges of a directed graph
settingsGraphical parameters and other settings
simpleEdge-classClass "simpleEdge".
standardLabelingStandard labeling of edges with integers
subGraphCreate a Subgraph
toDotR-methodsMethods for Function toDotR, using R to generate a dot...
toDotWithRITranslate a graph to "dot" including rendering information
ugraphUnderlying Graph
validGraphTest whether graph object is valid
write.tlpWrite a graph object in a file in the Tulip format
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