Man pages for heatmaps
Flexible Heatmaps for Functional Genomics and Sequence Features

coordsReturn or set the coords in a Heatmap
CoverageHeatmapGenerate a Heatmap of coverage
default_colorPredifined color palettes from RColorBrewer + Rainbow
getScaleMake an appropriate scale for a heatmap
HeatmapFunction to create a heatmap object
Heatmap-classAn S4 class to represent a heatmap
HeatmapExamplesData for man page examples
heatmapOptionsGenerate default options for a Heatmap
imageReturn or set the image in a Heatmap
labelReturn or set the label in a Heatmap
length-Heatmap-methodReturn the number of sequences in a heatmap
metadataReturn or set the metadata in a Heatmap
nseqReturn or set nseq in a Heatmap
PatternHeatmapGenerate a Heatmap of patterns in DNA sequence
plot_clustersPlot partition in a separate panel
plotHeatmapPlot a Heatmap object to the device
plotHeatmapListPlot a list of heatmaps
plotHeatmapMetaPlot a Meta-region plot from heatmaps
plot_legendPlot a color legend for a heatmap
plotPatternDensityMapPlot heatmaps for several patterns in DNA sequence
PWMScanHeatmapGenerate a Heatmap of PWM Scores in DNA sequnce
rev-Heatmap-methodReflect a heatmap in the x axis
scaleReturn or set the scale in a Heatmap
smoothHeatmapSmooth a heatmap
width-Heatmap-methodReturn the width of sequence represented in a heatmap
xmGenerate co-ordinates for each row of the image matrix of a...
ymGenerate co-ordinates for each column of the image matrix of...
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