Man pages for randPack
Randomization routines for Clinical Trials

ClinicalExperiment-classClass "ClinicalExperiment"
ClinicalTrial-classClass "ClinicalTrial"
createTrialA function to create instances of the ClinicalTrial class.
CT1demonstration data for use with randPack
getEnrolleeInfoReturns a named list, data frames by strata giving all...
getTreatmentComputes random allocation to treatment of a patient in a...
makeRandomizerA function to create specific instances of randomizers.
minimizePocSimuse the Pocock-Simon or Taves algorithm for computing...
PatientData-classClass "PatientData"
PatientID-classClass "PatientID"
Randomizer-classClass "Randomizer" and "RandomizerDesc" plus their...
SampleDataRandomly generated data representing a potential patient...
simPatsA function to simulate patient covariate data.
treatmentNamesAccessor functions for the ClinicalExperiment class.
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