Man pages for ABCp2
Approximate Bayesian Computational Model for Estimating P2

ABC_P2_gammaABC Estimation of P2 for Gamma Distribution
ABC_P2_normABC Extimation of P2 for Normal Distribution
ABC_P2_poisABC Estimation of P2 for Poisson Distribution
fit_dist_gammaFit Offspring Distribution to the Gamma Distribution
fit_dist_normFit Offspring Distribution to the Normal Distribution
fit_dist_poisFit Offspring Distribution to the Poisson Distribution
fungusSperm Precedence Data from the Fungus Beetle
newtSperm Precedence Data from the Rough-Skinned Newt
roveSperm Precedence Data from the Rove Beetle
soapSperm Precedence Data from the Soapberry Bug
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