Man pages for ACCLMA
ACC & LMA Graph Plotting

ACCLMA-packagePlots ACCvsLOI & LMA graphs
averageSameXsUnifies all same X observations
calcFXCalculates the appropriate F(X) value of each observation
calcFYCalculates the appropriate FY value of each observation
calcLMACalculates the appropriate LMA values for each observation
calcLOICalculate the appropriate LOI value for each observation
calcWeightsCalculates the relative weight of each observation
fillCSVDataImports data from a CSV file and sort it by the first column
fillDataOpens a window for manual entry of X,Y,weight data set
plotGraphsPlots the ACC vs LOI graph and the LMA graph
plotLMAPlots the ACC vs LOI and LMA graphs of an imported or...
sizeCounts the number of rows in a data set
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