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Automatic Differentiation Toolbox

ABxICompute A (B %x% I)
add_vector_to_matrix_columnAdd a column vector to each column of a matrix
add_vector_to_matrix_rowAdd a column vector to each row of a matrix
ADtools-packageADtools: Automatic Differentiation
AIxCCompute A (I %x% C)
ANY-dual-methodSubtraction of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
as.matrix.dualCoerce the first component of the dual object into a matrix.
as.vector-dual-methodCoerce the first component of the dual object into a vector.
auto_diffAutomatic differentiation
band_matrixBand matrix
band_matrix0Band matrix (memoised)
BxAZPost-multiplying a kronecker product
BxIDCompute (B %x% I) D
cbind2-ANY-dual-methodCombine 'dual'-class objects by Columns (ANY-dual)
cbind2-dual-ANY-methodCombine 'dual'-class objects by Columns (dual-ANY)
cbind2-dual-dual-methodCombine 'dual'-class objects by Columns (dual-dual)
chol0Cholesky decomposition
chol0-dual-methodCholesky decomposition of 'dual'-class objects
chol-dual-methodCholesky decomposition of 'dual'-class objects
colMeans-dual-methodColumn mean of a matrix.
colSums-dual-methodColumn sum of a matrix.
commutation_matrixCommutation matrix
commutation_matrix0Commutation matrix (memoised)
cos-dual-methodElement-wise cosine of a dual object
crossprod.dualCrossproduct of 'dual'-class objects
dchisq0The density of the chi-squared distribution
det.dualDeterminant of a 'dual'-class object
det-dual-methodDeterminant of a 'dual'-class object
dexp0The density of the exponential distribution
dgamma0The density of the gamma distribution
diag_dualDiagonal matrix
DiagonalDiagonal matrix
Diagonal0Diagonal matrix (memoised)
dim-dual-methodDimension of an Object
dinvWishart0The density of the inverse Wishart distribution
dmvnorm0The density of the multivariate normal distribution
dmvt0The density of the multivariate t distribution
dnorm0The density of the normal distribution
dt0The density of the student-t distribution
dualDual number constructor
dual-ANY-methodSubtraction of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
dual-classS4 class "dual"
dual-dual-methodSubtraction of 'dual'-class objects (dual-dual)
dual-missing-methodSubtraction of 'dual'-class objects (unary dual)
dualsConverting a list of parameters into a list of dual numbers
dWishart0The density of the Wishart distribution
elimination_matrixElimination matrix
elimination_matrix0Elimination matrix (memoised)
exp-dual-methodElement-wise exponential of a dual object
finite_diffFinite difference method
gamma-dual-methodElement-wise gamma of a dual object
gamma-rvSimulate gamma random variates
grapes-times-grapes-ANY-dual-methodMatrix multiplication of 'dual'-class objects (ANY-dual)
grapes-times-grapes-dual-ANY-methodMatrix multiplication of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
grapes-times-grapes-dual-dual-methodMatrix multiplication of 'dual'-class objects (dual-dual)
head.dualReturn the First or Last Part of an Object
index-subsetExtract parts of an object
init_dxInitialise the dual component
inverse_transformSimulation by inverse transform
IxCDCompute (I %x% C) D
kronecker-ANY-dual-methodKronecker multiplication of 'dual'-class objects (ANY-dual)
kronecker-dual-ANY-methodKronecker multiplication of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
kronecker-dual-dual-methodKronecker product of 'dual'-class objects (dual-dual)
length-dual-methodLength of an Object
log-dual-methodElement-wise logarithm of a dual object
lower-triangularConstruct a lower triangular matrix from a vector
matrix_determinantDeterminant of a matrix
matrix.dualCoerce the first component of the dual object into a matrix.
matrix_prodInterface for optimal matrix chain multiplication
mcm_optimal_orderFind the optimal order of multiplying a matrix chain
mean-dual-methodMean of vector or matrix elements
ncol-dual-methodNumber of columns
nrow-dual-methodNumber of rows
one_matrixMatrix of ones
one_matrix0Matrix of ones (memoised)
optim_prodExecuting the matrix multiplication given the optimal order
plus-ANY-dual-methodAddition of 'dual'-class objects (ANY-dual)
plus-dual-ANY-methodAddition of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
plus-dual-dual-methodAddition of 'dual'-class objects (dual-dual)
pow-ANY-dual-methodPowers of 'dual'-class objects (ANY-dual)
pow-dual-ANY-methodPowers of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
pow-dual-dual-methodPowers of 'dual'-class objects (dual-dual)
randnGenerate a matrix randomly from a normal distribution
randuGenerate a matrix randomly from a uniform distribution
rbind2-ANY-dual-methodCombine 'dual'-class objects by Rows (ANY-dual)
rbind2-dual-ANY-methodCombine 'dual'-class objects by Rows (dual-ANY)
rbind2-dual-dual-methodCombine 'dual'-class objects by Rows (dual-dual)
rchisq0Simulate Chi-square random variates
rchisq0-numeric-dual-methodSimulate Chi-square random variates
rexp0Simulate exponential random variates
rexp0-numeric-dual-methodSimulate exponential random variates
rgamma0Simulate gamma random variates
rmvnorm0Simulate multivariate normal random variates
rmvnorm0_dualSimulate multivariate normal random variates
rmvt0Simulate random variates from the multivariate t distribution
rnorm0Simulate univariate normal random variates
round.dualRounding of Numbers
round-dual-integer-methodRounding of Numbers
rowMeans-dual-methodRow mean of a matrix.
rowSums-dual-methodRow sum of a matrix.
rt0Simulate random variates from the student-t distribution
rt0-numeric-dual-methodSimulate random variates from the student-t distribution
rWishart0Simulate Wishart random variates
sin-dual-methodElement-wise sine of a dual object
slash-ANY-dual-method(Element-wise) Division of 'dual'-class objects (ANY-dual)
slash-dual-ANY-method(Element-wise) Division of 'dual'-class objects (dual-ANY)
slash-dual-dual-method(Element-wise) Division of 'dual'-class objects (dual-dual)
solve.dualInverse of 'dual'-class objects
sqrt-dual-methodElement-wise square-root of a dual object
sum-dual-methodSum of matrix elements
tail.dualReturn the First or Last Part of an Object
tan-dual-methodElement-wise tangent of a dual object
tcrossprod.dualCrossproduct of 'dual'-class objects
t.dualTranspose of 'dual'-class objects
tidy_dxAdd rownames and colnames to the dual component
times-ANY-dual-method(Element-wise) Multiplication of 'dual'-class objects...
times-dual-ANY-method(Element-wise) Multiplication of 'dual'-class objects...
times-dual-dual-method(Element-wise) Multiplication of 'dual'-class objects...
trTrace of a matrix
tr-dual-methodTrace of a matrix
upper-triangularConstruct an upper triangular matrix from a vector
wishart_rvSimulating from Wishart distribution using Bartlett...
XBxAPre-multiplying a kronecker product
zero_matrixMatrix of zeroes
zero_matrix0Matrix of zeroes (memoised)
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