Man pages for AMORE
Artificial Neural Network Training and Simulating

ADAPTgd.MLPnetAdaptative gradient descent training
ADAPTgdwm.MLPnetAdaptative gradient descent with momentum training
BATCHgd.MLPnetBatch gradient descent training
BATCHgdwm.MLPnetBatch gradient descent with momentum training
deltaENeural network training error criteria.
graphviz.MLPnetNeural network graphic representation
init.MLPneuronNeuron constructor.
newffCreate a Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network
random.init.MLPnetInitialize the network with random weigths and biases.
random.init.MLPneuronInitialize the neuron with random weigths and bias.
select.activation.functionProvides R code of the selected activation function.
sim.MLPnetPerforms the simulation of a neural network from an input...
taofunTAO robust error criterium auxiliar functions.
trainNeural network training function.
training.reportNeural network training report generator function.
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