Man pages for ARTP2
Pathway and Gene-Level Association Test

ARTP2-packagePathway and Gene-Level Association Test
dataA dataset used in example of 'rARTP'.
exclude.snpsExcluding SNPs from specified regions
genoA vector of file names used in example of 'rARTP'.
inflationComputing the genomic control inflation factor from a given...
metaSingle-marker meta-analysis
pathwayA data frame used in example of 'rARTP'.
rARTPARTP test for raw data
read.bedReading data from binary PLINK files
ref.doesExample reference genotype data coded as expected dosages.
ref.genoA dataset used in example of 'sARTP'.
sARTPARTP test for summary data
subj.idA vector of subject IDs used in example of 'sARTP'.
warm.startPerforming ARTP2 test with warm start
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