Man pages for ATAforecasting
Automatic Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Using the Ata Method

ATAAutomatic Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using Ata...
ATA.AccuracyAccuracy Measures for The ATAforecasting
ATA.BackTransformBack Transformation Techniques for The ATAforecasting
ATA.BoxCoxAttrThe ATA.BoxCoxAttr function works with many different types...
ATA.CIConfidence Interval function for the ATA Method
ATA.CoreThe core algorithm of the ATA Method
ATA.DecompositionSeasonal Decomposition for The ATAforecasting
ATA.ForecastForecasting Method for The ATAforecasting
ATAforecasting-packageATAforecasting: Automatic Time Series Analysis and...
ATA.plotSpecialized Plot Function of The ATAforecasting
ATA.printSpecialized Screen Print Function of The ATAforecasting
ATA.SeasAttrAttributes Set For Unit Root and Seasonality Tests
ATA.SeasonalitySeasonality Tests for The ATAforecasting
ATA.ShiftLag/Lead (Shift) Function for Univariate Series
ATA.TransformTransformation Techniques for The ATAforecasting
find.freqFind Frequency Using Spectral Density Of A Time Series From...
find.freq.fourierFind Frequency Using Periodogram
find.multi.freqFind Multi Frequency Using Spectral Density Of A Time Series...
fundingTRWeekly Net Funding Level of Central Bank of Republic of...
ndiffs.tseriesFind Number of Differences Required for a Stationary Series
stR_seasadjSeasonal adjustment based on STR
touristTRMonthly number of tourists arrived in Turkey
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