Actigraphy-package: Functional Actigraphy Data Analysis

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Implements functional linear modeling and analysis for actigraphy data


Please refer to the directory "Actigraphy/doc" for an additional tutorials
and a document containing the code for the figures in the referenced paper.

The paper can be downloaded from the Journal of Circadian Rhythms website.


William D. Shannon, Tao Li, Hong Xian, Jia Wang, Elena Deych, Carlos Gonzalez


  1. "Measuring the Impact of AHI and Obesity on Circadian Activity Patterns Using Functional Linear Modeling of Actigraphy Data," Jia Wang, Amy Licis, Elena Deych, Jimin Ding, Jennifer McLeland, Cristina Toedebusch, Tao Li, Hong Xian, Stephen Duntley, and William Shannon.

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