Man pages for ActisoftR
A Toolbox for Parsing Scored Actigraphy Data

actActigraphy data
csdCumulative sleep debt.
deaggDeaggregation of reports for summary_type sequential or...
home.night.shadeGenerates home night time periods
int_startendReturns the starting/ending point of a report
local.night.shadeGenerates local night time periods
plot.DarwentPlots participants' SLEEP/WAKE intervals.
plot_longPlots with-in participant activity intervals (SLEEP, REST,...
portion#Slices a data.frame containing date-time type columns.
portion_withoverlapsSlices a data.frame containing date-time type columns...
read_actigraph_csvImports scored actigraphy data from different actigraph brand...
read_csv_filenameImports a CSV file and attaches the file path as a column.
report_periodGenerates reports based on input periods.
report_pointGenerates reports based on input points.
sheep_counterSheep counter
write_actigraph_csvExports data as CSV.
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