ActuDistns: Functions for actuarial scientists

Computes the probability density function, hazard rate function, integrated hazard rate function and the quantile function for 44 commonly used survival models

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AuthorSaralees Nadarajah
Date of publication2012-09-14 00:39:59
MaintainerSaralees Nadarajah <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

daddweibull: Additive Weibull pdf

dbeard: Beard pdf

dburrx: BurrX pdf

dchen: Chen pdf

dee: Exponentiated exponential pdf

del: Exponentiated logistic pdf

dew: Exponentiated Weibull pdf

dexpext: Exponential extension pdf

dfrechet: Gumbel II pdf

dfw: Flexible Weibull pdf

dgenF: Generalized F pdf

dgengamma: Generalized gamma pdf

dgompertz: Gompertz pdf

dgpw: Generalized power Weibull pdf

dgumbel: Gumbel pdf

dhjorth: Hjorth pdf

dige: Inverse exponentiated exponential pdf

dinvgauss: Inverse Gaussian pdf

djshape: J-shaped pdf

dkum: Kumaraswamy pdf

dlai: Lai pdf

dle: Logistic exponential pdf

dlgamma: Log gamma pdf

dlinear: Linear failure rate pdf

dll: Loglog pdf

dloglogistic: Log-logistic pdf

dlr: Logistic Rayleigh pdf

dmakeham: Makeham pdf

dmakehambeard: Makeham-Beard pdf

dmakehamperks: Makeham-Perks pdf

dmoe: Marshall-Olkin exponential pdf

dmow: Marshall-Olkin Weibull pdf

dpareto: Pareto pdf

dperks: Perks pdf

dschabe: Schabe pdf

dxie: Xie pdf

haddweibull: Additive Weibull hazard rate function

hbeard: Beard hazard rate function

hbeta: Beta hazard rate function

hburrx: BurrX hazard rate function

hchen: Chen hazard rate function

hee: Exponentiated exponential hazard rate function

hel: Exponentiated logistic hazard rate function

hew: Exponentiated Weibull hazard rate function

hexpext: Exponential extension hazard rate function

hexponential: Exponential hazard rate function

hfrechet: Gumbel II hazard rate function

hfw: Flexible Weibull hazard rate function

hgamma: Gamma hazard rate function

hgenF: Generalized F hazard rate function

hgengamma: Generalized gamma hazard rate function

hgompertz: Gompertz hazard rate function

hgpw: Generalized power Weibull hazard rate function

hgumbel: Gumbel hazard rate function

hhjorth: Hjorth hazard rate function

hige: Inverse exponentiated exponential hazard rate function

hinvgauss: Inverse Gaussian hazard rate function

hjshape: J-shaped hazard rate function

hkum: Kumaraswamy hazard rate function

hlai: Lai hazard rate function

hle: Logistic exponential hazard rate function

hlgamma: Log gamma hazard rate function

hlinear: Linear failure rate hazard rate function

hll: Loglog hazard rate function

hlogistic: Logistic hazard rate function

hloglogistic: Log-logistic hazard rate function

hlognormal: Lognormal hazard rate function

hlr: Logistic Rayleigh hazard rate function

hmakeham: Makeham hazard rate function

hmakehambeard: Makeham-Beard hazard rate function

hmakehamperks: Makeham-Perks hazard rate function

hmoe: Marshall-Olkin exponential hazard rate function

hmow: Marshall-Olkin Weibull hazard rate function

hnormal: Normal hazard rate function

hpareto: Pareto hazard rate function

hperks: Perks hazard rate function

hschabe: Schabe hazard rate function

huniform: Uniform hazard rate function

hweibull: Weibull hazard rate function

hxie: Xie hazard rate function

iaddweibull: Additive Weibull integrated hazard rate function

ibeard: Beard integrated hazard rate function

ibeta: Beta integrated hazard rate function

iburrx: BurrX integrated hazard rate function

ichen: Chen integrated hazard rate function

iee: Exponentiated exponential integrated hazard rate function

iel: Exponentiated logistic integrated hazard rate function

iew: Exponentiated Weibull integrated hazard rate function

iexpext: Exponential extension integrated hazard rate function

iexponential: Exponential integrated hazard rate function

ifrechet: Gumbel II integrated hazard rate function

ifw: Flexible Weibull integrated hazard rate function

igamma: Gamma integrated hazard rate function

igenF: Generalized F integrated hazard rate function

igengamma: Generalized gamma integrated hazard rate function

igompertz: Gompertz integrated hazard rate function

igpw: Generalized power Weibull integrated hazard rate function

igumbel: Gumbel integrated hazard rate function

ihjorth: Hjorth integrated hazard rate function

iige: Inverse exponentiated exponential integrated hazard rate...

iinvgauss: Inverse Gaussian integrated hazard rate function

ijshape: J-shaped integrated hazard rate function

ikum: Kumaraswamy integrated hazard rate function

ilai: Lai integrated hazard rate function

ile: Logistic exponential integrated hazard rate function

ilgamma: Log gamma integrated hazard rate function

ilinear: Linear failure rate integrated hazard rate function

ill: Loglog integrated hazard rate function

ilogistic: Logistic integrated hazard rate function

iloglogistic: Log-logistic integrated hazard rate function

ilognormal: Lognormal integrated hazard rate function

ilr: Logistic Rayleigh integrated hazard rate function

imakeham: Makeham integrated hazard rate function

imakehambeard: Makeham-Beard integrated hazard rate function

imakehamperks: Makeham-Perks integrated hazard rate function

imoe: Marshall-Olkin exponential integrated hazard rate function

imow: Marshall-Olkin Weibull integrated hazard rate function

inormal: Normal integrated hazard rate function

ipareto: Pareto integrated hazard rate function

iperks: Perks integrated hazard rate function

ischabe: Schabe integrated hazard rate function

iuniform: Uniform integrated hazard rate function

iweibull: Weibull integrated hazard rate function

ixie: Xie integrated hazard rate function

qaddweibull: Additive Weibull integrated hazard rate function

qbeard: Beard quantile function

qbeta: Beta quantile function

qburrx: BurrX quantile function

qchen: Chen quantile function

qee: Exponentiated exponential quantile function

qel: Exponentiated logistic quantile function

qew: Exponentiated Weibull quantile function

qexpext: Exponential extension quantile function

qexponential: Exponential quantile function

qfrechet: Gumbel II quantile function

qfw: Flexible Weibull quantile function

qgamma: Gamma quantile function

qgenF: Generalized F quantile function

qgengamma: Generalized gamma quantile function

qgompertz: Gompertz quantile function

qgpw: Generalized power Weibull quantile function

qgumbel: Gumbel quantile function

qhjorth: Hjorth quantile function

qige: Inverse exponentiated exponential quantile function

qinversegaussian: Inverse Gaussian quantile function

qjshape: J-shaped quantile function

qkum: Kumaraswamy quantile function

qlai: Lai quantile function

qle: Logistic exponential quantile function

qlgamma: Log gamma quantile function

qlinear: Linear failure rate quantile function

qll: Loglog quantile function

qlogistic: Logistic quantile function

qloglogis: Log-logistic quantile function

qlognormal: Lognormal quantile function

qlr: Logistic Rayleigh quantile function

qmoe: Marshall-Olkin exponential quantile function

qmow: Marshall-Olkin Weibull quantile function

qnormal: Normal quantile function

qpareto: Pareto quantile function

qperks: Perks quantile function

qschabe: Schabe quantile function

quniform: Uniform quantile function

qweibull: Weibull quantile function

qxie: Xie quantile function

richards-package: Computes functions for actuarial use


ActuDistns Man page
ActuDistns-package Man page
daddweibull Man page
dbeard Man page
dburrx Man page
dchen Man page
dee Man page
del Man page
dew Man page
dexpext Man page
dfrechet Man page
dfw Man page
dgenF Man page
dgengammad Man page
dgompertz Man page
dgpw Man page
dgumbeld Man page
dhjorth Man page
dige Man page
dinvgauss Man page
djshape Man page
dkum Man page
dlai Man page
dle Man page
dlgammad Man page
dlinear Man page
dlld Man page
dloglogistic Man page
dlr Man page
dmakeham Man page
dmakehambeard Man page
dmakehamperks Man page
dmoe Man page
dmow Man page
dpareto Man page
dperks Man page
dschabe Man page
dxie Man page
haddweibull Man page
hbeard Man page
hbeta Man page
hburrx Man page
hchen Man page
hee Man page
hel Man page
hew Man page
hexpext Man page
hexponential Man page
hfrechet Man page
hfw Man page
hgamma Man page
hgenF Man page
hgengamma Man page
hgompertz Man page
hgpw Man page
hgumbel Man page
hhjorth Man page
hige Man page
hinvgauss Man page
hjshape Man page
hkum Man page
hlai Man page
hle Man page
hlgamma Man page
hlinear Man page
hll Man page
hlogistic Man page
hloglogistic Man page
hlognormal Man page
hlr Man page
hmakeham Man page
hmakehambeard Man page
hmakehamperks Man page
hmoe Man page
hmow Man page
hnormal Man page
hpareto Man page
hperks Man page
hschabe Man page
huniform Man page
hweibull Man page
hxie Man page
iaddweibull Man page
ibeard Man page
ibeta Man page
iburrx Man page
ichen Man page
iee Man page
iel Man page
iew Man page
iexpext Man page
iexponential Man page
ifrechet Man page
ifw Man page
igamma Man page
igenF Man page
igengamma Man page
igompertz Man page
igpw Man page
igumbel Man page
ihjorth Man page
iige Man page
iinvgauss Man page
ijshape Man page
ikum Man page
ilai Man page
ile Man page
ilgamma Man page
ilinear Man page
ill Man page
ilogistic Man page
iloglogistic Man page
ilognormal Man page
ilr Man page
imakeham Man page
imakehambeard Man page
imakehamperks Man page
imoe Man page
imow Man page
inormal Man page
ipareto Man page
iperks Man page
ischabe Man page
iuniform Man page
iweibull Man page
ixie Man page
qaddweibull Man page
qbeard Man page
qbetad Man page
qburrx Man page
qchen Man page
qee Man page
qel Man page
qew Man page
qexpext Man page
qexponential Man page
qfrechet Man page
qfw Man page
qgammad Man page
qgenF Man page
qgengammad Man page
qgompertz Man page
qgpw Man page
qgumbeld Man page
qhjorth Man page
qige Man page
qinversegaussian Man page
qjshape Man page
qkum Man page
qlai Man page
qle Man page
qlgammad Man page
qlinear Man page
qll Man page
qlogistic Man page
qloglogis Man page
qlognormal Man page
qlr Man page
qmoe Man page
qmow Man page
qnormal Man page
qpareto Man page
qperks Man page
qschabe Man page
quniform Man page
qweibull Man page
qxie Man page


man/richards-package.Rd man/qxie.Rd man/qweibull.Rd man/quniform.Rd man/qschabe.Rd man/qperks.Rd man/qpareto.Rd man/qnormal.Rd man/qmow.Rd man/qmoe.Rd man/qlr.Rd man/qlognormal.Rd man/qloglogis.Rd man/qlogistic.Rd man/qll.Rd man/qlinear.Rd man/qlgamma.Rd man/qle.Rd man/qlai.Rd man/qkum.Rd man/qjshape.Rd man/qinversegaussian.Rd man/qige.Rd man/qhjorth.Rd man/qgumbel.Rd man/qgpw.Rd man/qgompertz.Rd man/qgengamma.Rd man/qgenF.Rd man/qgamma.Rd man/qfw.Rd man/qfrechet.Rd man/qexponential.Rd man/qexpext.Rd man/qew.Rd man/qel.Rd man/qee.Rd man/qchen.Rd man/qburrx.Rd man/qbeta.Rd man/qbeard.Rd man/qaddweibull.Rd man/ixie.Rd man/iweibull.Rd man/iuniform.Rd man/ischabe.Rd man/iperks.Rd man/ipareto.Rd man/inormal.Rd man/imow.Rd man/imoe.Rd man/imakehamperks.Rd man/imakehambeard.Rd man/imakeham.Rd man/ilr.Rd man/ilognormal.Rd man/iloglogistic.Rd man/ilogistic.Rd man/ill.Rd man/ilinear.Rd man/ilgamma.Rd man/ile.Rd man/ilai.Rd man/ikum.Rd man/ijshape.Rd man/iinvgauss.Rd man/iige.Rd man/ihjorth.Rd man/igumbel.Rd man/igpw.Rd man/igompertz.Rd man/igengamma.Rd man/igenF.Rd man/igamma.Rd man/ifw.Rd man/ifrechet.Rd man/iexponential.Rd man/iexpext.Rd man/iew.Rd man/iel.Rd man/iee.Rd man/ichen.Rd man/iburrx.Rd man/ibeta.Rd man/ibeard.Rd man/iaddweibull.Rd man/hxie.Rd man/hweibull.Rd man/huniform.Rd man/hschabe.Rd man/hperks.Rd man/hpareto.Rd man/hnormal.Rd man/hmow.Rd man/hmoe.Rd man/hmakehamperks.Rd man/hmakehambeard.Rd man/hmakeham.Rd man/hlr.Rd man/hlognormal.Rd man/hloglogistic.Rd man/hlogistic.Rd man/hll.Rd man/hlinear.Rd man/hlgamma.Rd man/hle.Rd man/hlai.Rd man/hkum.Rd man/hjshape.Rd man/hinvgauss.Rd man/hige.Rd man/hhjorth.Rd man/hgumbel.Rd man/hgpw.Rd man/hgompertz.Rd man/hgengamma.Rd man/hgenF.Rd man/hgamma.Rd man/hfw.Rd man/hfrechet.Rd man/hexponential.Rd man/hexpext.Rd man/hew.Rd man/hel.Rd man/hee.Rd man/hchen.Rd man/hburrx.Rd man/hbeta.Rd man/hbeard.Rd man/haddweibull.Rd man/dxie.Rd man/dschabe.Rd man/dperks.Rd man/dpareto.Rd man/dmow.Rd man/dmoe.Rd man/dmakehamperks.Rd man/dmakehambeard.Rd man/dmakeham.Rd man/dlr.Rd man/dloglogistic.Rd man/dll.Rd man/dlinear.Rd man/dlgamma.Rd man/dle.Rd man/dlai.Rd man/dkum.Rd man/djshape.Rd man/dinvgauss.Rd man/dige.Rd man/dhjorth.Rd man/dgumbel.Rd man/dgpw.Rd man/dgompertz.Rd man/dgengamma.Rd man/dgenF.Rd man/dfw.Rd man/dfrechet.Rd man/dexpext.Rd man/dew.Rd man/del.Rd man/dee.Rd man/dchen.Rd man/dburrx.Rd man/dbeard.Rd man/daddweibull.Rd

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