Man pages for AeRobiology
A Computational Tool for Aerobiological Data

AeRobiology'AeRobiology' package
analyse_trendCalculating and Plotting Trends of Pollen Data (summary...
calculate_psEstimation of the Main Parameters of the Pollen Season
creditsA view of the creators
interpollenInterpolation of Missing Data in a Pollen Database by...
iplot_abundancePlot of the Relative Abundance of the Pollen Types
iplot_phenoPhenological Plot
iplot_pollenInteractive Plotting Pollen Data (one season).
iplot_yearsInteractive Plotting Pollen Data (one pollen type).
maMoving Average Calculator
munich_pollenPollen data of Munich (2010_2015)
plot_heathourPlotting hourly patterns with heatplot
plot_hourPlotting hourly patterns
plot_normsummaryPlotting the Amplitude of Several Pollen Seasons.
plot_psPollen Season Plot
plot_summaryPlotting Several Pollen Seasons.
plot_trendCalculating and Plotting Trends of Pollen Data.
pollen_calendarPollen Calendar by Different Methods from a Historical Pollen...
POMO_pollen3-hourly pollen data of Munich and Viechtach (2018), obtained...
quality_controlQuality Control of a Pollen Database
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