Man pages for AppliedPredictiveModeling
Functions and Data Sets for 'Applied Predictive Modeling'

abaloneAbalone Data
AlzheimerDiseaseAlzheimer's Disease CSF Data
AppliedPredictiveModeling-packageData, Functions and Scripts for 'scriptLocation'
bookThemeLattice Themes
ChemicalManufacturingProcessChemical Manufacturing Process Data
concreteCompressive Strength of Concrete from Yeh (1998)
FuelEconomyFuel Economy Data
getPackagesInstall Packages for Each Chapter
HepaticHepatic Injury Data
internalInternal Functions
jobSchedulingHPC Job Scheduling Data
logisticCreditPredictionsLogistic Regression Predictions for the Credit Data
permeabilityPermeability Data
permuteReliefPermutation Statistics for the Relief Algorithm
quadBoundaryFuncFunctions for Simulating Data
scriptLocationFind Chapter Script Files
segmentationOrignalCell Body Segmentation
solubilitySolubility Data
twoClassDataTwo Class Example Data
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