Man pages for AtmRay
Acoustic Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Atmospheric Models

A2P.linConvert Between Incidence Angle and Ray Parameter
CheckAtm.linCheck Linear Atmosphere
MakeArrivals.linCalculate Arrival Function
MakeAtmList.linMake List of Linear Atmospheres
meshgridCreate a mesh grid like in Matlab
meshgridnMulti-Dimensional Meshgrid
P4X.linFind Ray Parameter for Distance
P4X.lin_no_cFind Ray Parameter for Distance
PlotAtm.linPlot Linear Atmosphere
Prop.linAcoustic Ray Tracing
Prop.lin_no_cAcoustic Ray Tracing
RESCALERescale a vector to fit in a certain range
sky.colorsSky Colormap
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