Man pages for AzureVision
Interface to Azure Computer Vision Services

browse_imagesView images uploaded to a Custom Vision project
computervisionInterface to Azure Computer Vision API
customvision_imagesAdd, list and remove images for a project
customvision_image_tagsTag and untag images uploaded to a project
customvision_predictGet predictions from a Custom Vision model
customvision_predictive_serviceConnect to a Custom Vision predictive service
customvision_projectCreate, retrieve, update and delete Azure Custom Vision...
customvision_publishPublish, export and unpublish a Custom Vision model iteration
customvision_regionsAdd and remove regions from images
customvision_tagsAdd, retrieve and remove tags for a project
customvision_trainCreate, retrieve, rename and delete a model iteration
customvision_train_resultDisplay model iteration details
do_customvision_opCarry out a Custom Vision operation
endpointEndpoint objects for computer vision services
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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