Man pages for BBEST
Bayesian Estimation of Incoherent Neutron Scattering Backgrounds

BBEST-packageBayesian Background Estimation.
calc.GrCalculate and plot the Pair Distribution Function
do.fitEstimate background the background for individual banks
do.iterEstimate the background
guideBBEST guide
internalsFunctions used internally
merge.fixMerge .fix files
mplot.resultsPlot the background estimate
mplot.results.banksPlot the background estimate for individual banks
mplot.sqaPlot the total normalized scattering intensity function...
prepare.banks.dataPrepare data for estimating the background
ProgressReporting progress (object-oriented API)
progressInitInitialize progress
read.dataRead data from file
read.sqaRead data from a '.sqa'-file
read.sqbRead data from a '.sqb'-file
runUIStart the GUI
set.controlSet controls for the Differential Evolution Algorithm
set.dataSet data
set.GrAdd information on the low-r behaviour of G(r)
set.lambdaSet mean signal magnitude
set.SBSet the coherent baseline
set.sigmaSet the experimental uncertainty
split.sqaSplit .sqa file into individual files for each databank
test.signalA random function with a smooth background
trim.dataTruncate data
withProgressReporting progress (functional API) results of the fit
write.fixSave a correction file for individual detector banks
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