BBMM-package: BBMM - Brownian bridge movement model

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This package fits a Brownian bridge movement model to observed locations in space and time. This is a continuous-time stochastic model of movement in which the probability of being in an area during the time of observation is conditioned on starting and ending locations. A BBMM is typically fit to animal location data obtained by a Global Positioning System (GPS) or Very High Frequency (VHF) device. The model provides an empirical estimate of the movement path of an animal using discrete location data obtained at relatively short time intervals. This package allows the user to specify the grid cell size and extent over which the probability of use will be estimated.


Package: BBMM
Type: Package
Version: 3.0
Date: 2013-06-03
License: GNU General Public License

List of routines:

brownian.bridge Work-horse routine for estimating a Brownian bridge movement model.

brownian.motion.variance Estimates the Brownian motion variance.

bbmm.summary Summary method for bbmm objects.

bbmm.contour Contour plot for bbmm objects.


Ryan Nielson, Hall Sawyer, and Trent McDonald (WEST, Inc.,

Maintainer: Ryan Nielson


Horne, J. S., E. O. Garton, S. M. Krone, and J. S. Lewis. 2007. Analyzing animal movements using Brownian bridges. Ecology 88:2354-2363.

Sawyer, H., M. J. Kauffman, R. M. Nielson, and J. S. Horne. 2009. Identifying and prioritizing ungulate migration routes for landscpe-level conservation. Ecological Applications 19:2016-2025.

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