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Mouse (Microtus Pennsylvanicus) Dataset




A matrix with 104 rows (observed animals) and 5 columns (capture occasions)


The mouse (Microtus pennsylvanicus) data were first discussed in Nichols, Pollock and Hines (1984). The original live-trapping experiment was conducted monthly from June to December, 1980. During each month, the capture-recapture procedure was repeated for 5 consecutive days. The detailed data are given in Williams, Nichols and Conroy (2002, pp. 525-528). We use the data collected in June. A total of 104 distinct mice were caught in the experiment.


J. D. Nichols, K. H. Pollock and J. E. Hines, The Use of a Robust Capture-Recapture Design in Small Mammal Population Studies: A Field Example with Microtus Pennsylvanicus, Acta Theriologica, vol. 29. 30:357-365, 1984



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