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Miscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl

addClassesA wrapper to add to the class attribute.
argsAsNamedListParses '...' arguments to a named list.
asMatrixColsExtracts a named element from a list of lists.
asQuotedConverts a string into a quoted expression.
binPackSimple bin packing.
btwnCheck if some values are covered by the range of the values...
capitalizeStringsCapitalize strings in a vector
catfWrapper for cat and sprintf.
cFactorCombine multiple factors and return a factor.
checkArgCheck for a function argument.
checkListElementClassCheck that a list contains only elements of a required type.
chunkChunk elements of vectors into blocks of nearly equal size.
clipStringShortens strings to a given length.
coalesceReturns first non-missing, non-null argument.
collapseCollapse vector to string.
collapsefCollapse vector to string.
computeModeCompute statistical mode of a vector (value that occurs most...
convertDataFrameColsConverts columns in a data frame to characters, factors or...
convertIntegerConversion for single integer.
convertIntegersConversion for integer vector.
convertListOfRowsToDataFrameConvert a list of row-vector of equal structure to a...
convertMatrixTypeConverts storage type of a matrix.
convertRowsToListConvert rows (columns) of data.frame or matrix to lists.
convertToShortStringConverts any R object to a descriptive string so it can be...
dapplyCall 'lapply' on an object and return a data.frame.
deprecatedDeprecated function. Do not use!
do.call2Execute a function call similar to ''.
dropNamedDrop named elements of an object.
ensureVectorBlow up single scalars / objects to vectors / list by...
explodeSplit up a string into substrings.
extractSubListExtracts a named element from a list of lists.
filterNullFilter a list for NULL values
getAttributeNamesHelper function for determining the vector of attribute names...
getClass1Wrapper for 'class(x)[1]'.
getFirstGet the first/last element of a list/vector.
getMaxIndexReturn index of maximal/minimal/best element in numerical...
getMaxIndexOfRowsFind row- or columnwise the index of the maximal / minimal...
getOperatingSystemFunctions to determine the operating system.
getRelativePathConstruct a path relative to another
getUnixTimeCurrent time in seconds.
getUsedFactorLevelsDetermines used factor levels.
hasAttributesCheck if given object has certain attributes.
insertInsert elements from one list/vector into another...
isDirectoryIs one / are several files a directory?
isEmptyDirectoryIs one / are several directories empty?
is.errorIs return value of try an exception?
isExpensiveExampleOkConditional checking for expensive examples.
isFALSEA wrapper for 'identical(x, FALSE)'.
isProperlyNamedAre all elements of a list / vector uniquely named?
isScalarNAChecks whether an object is a scalar NA value.
isScalarValueIs given argument an atomic vector or factor of length 1?
isSubsetCheck subset relation on two vectors.
isSupersetCheck superset relation on two vectors.
isValidNameCan some strings be used for column or list element names...
itostrConvert Integers to Strings
libA wrapper for 'library'.
load2Load RData file and return objects in it.
lsortA wrapper for 'sort' to sort using the "C" collating rules.
makeDataFrameInitialize data.frame in a convenient way.
makeFileCacheA caching wrapper around load2.
makeProgressBarCreate a progress bar with estimated time.
makeS3ObjSimple constructor for S3 objects based on lists.
makeSimpleFileLoggerSimple logger which outputs to a file.
mapValuesReplace values in atomic vectors
messagefWrapper for message and sprintf.
namedListCreate named list, possibly initialized with a certain...
names2Replacement for names which always returns a vector.
ninSimply a negated 'in' operator.
normalizeNormalizes numeric data to a given scale.
optimizeSubIntsNaive multi-start version of 'optimize' for global...
pausePause in interactive mode and continue on <Enter>.
printHeadMore meaningful 'head(df)' output.
printStrToCharPrint 'str(x)' of an object to a string / character vector.
printToCharPrints object to a string / character vector.
rangeValCalculate range statistic.
requirePackagesRequire some packages.
rowLapplyApply function to rows of a data frame.
save2Save multiple objects to a file.
seq_rowGenerate sequences along rows or cols.
setAttributeA wrapper for 'attr(x, which) = y'.
setClassesA wrapper for 'class(x) = classes'.
setRowNamesWrapper for 'rownames(x) = y', 'colnames(x) = y'.
setValueSet a list element to a new value.
sortByColSort the rows of a data.frame according to one or more...
splitPathSplit a path into components
splitTimeSplit seconds into handy chunks of time.
stopfWrapper for stop and sprintf.
strrepeatRepeat and join a string
suppressAllSuppresses all output except for errors.
symdiffCalculates symmetric set difference between two sets.
system3Wrapper for system2 with better return type and...
toRangeStrConvert a numerical vector into a range string.
vlapplyApply a function with a predefined return value
warningfWrapper for warning and sprintf.
which.firstFind the index of first/last 'TRUE' value in a logical...
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