Man pages for BCSub
A Bayesian Semiparametric Factor Analysis Model for Subtype Identification (Clustering)

BCSubA Bayesian semiparametric factor analysis model for subtype...
calSimFunction to calculate the similarity matrix based on the...
dmvnrm_armaInternal function to calculate the density of multivariate...
mvrnormArmaInternal function to sample from multivariate normal...
myfindInternal function to find matched index.
polyurncppInternal function to sample cluster membership indicator
samEtaInternal function to sample eta
samLamV3CppInternal function to sample Lambda
samMuInternal function to sample cluster-specific means of eta
samRho2Internal function to sample rho
samSigInternal function to sample gene-specific variances
samSigeInternal function to sample variances for eta
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