Man pages for BDEsize
Efficient Determination of Sample Size in Balanced Design of Experiments

BDEsizeAppShiny App for efficient determination of the size of...
fsizeDetectable minimum effect size
plots.2levFrGraphs for investigating sample size in 2 level fractional...
plots.BlockGraphs for investigating sample size in randomized complete...
plots.FullGraphs for investigating sample size in full factorial design
plots.SplitGraphs for investigating sample size in split-plot design
Size.2levFrSample size calculator for 2 level fractional factorial...
Size.BlockSample size calculator for randomized complete block design
Size.FullSample size calculator for full factorial design
sizelistBuliding the model
sizelist.splitBuliding the model for split-plot design
Size.SplitSample size calculator for split-plot design
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