Man pages for BEQI2
Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index 2

beqi2Perform BEQI-2 Analysis
BEQI2dirCreate BEQI-2 Directory Structure
BEQI2-pkgMarine Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index
entropyShannon's Entropy
eqrEcological Quality Ratio (EQR)
genusToSpeciesGenus to Species Conversion
grapes-inInterval-grapesTest if a Value is in an Interval
harmonizeHarmonize Case
isAzoicTest for Azoic Samples
margalefMargalef Index of Diversity
readAMBIRead AMBI Sensitivity Data
readBEQIRead BEQI input files
readERFRead Ecotopes References File
readFIBIRead Freshwater Inflow Biotic Index File
readITIRead Infaunal Trophic Index File
readSettingsRead BEQI Settings File
readTWNRead TWN Data
renameRenaming Taxon Names
speciesRichnessSpecies Richness
stripSpacesRemove Redundant Spaces
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