Man pages for BEST
Bayesian Estimation Supersedes the t-Test

BESTmcmcGenerate MCMC samples for posterior distributions
BEST-packageBayesian Estimation Supersedes the t Test
BESTpowerEstimating statistical power
makeDataPopulation parameter specification for a power analysis
pairs.BESTScatterplot matrix for a 'BEST' object
plotAllA series of plots displaying the results of 'BEST' analysis.
plotAreaInROPEArea of the posterior density in the ROPE as a function of...
plot.BESTA plot method for objects of class 'BEST'
plotPostGraphic display of a posterior probability distribution
plotPostPredPlots for Posterior Predictive checks.
postPriorOverlapOverlap between posterior and prior probability...
print.BESTPrinting a BEST object
summary.BESTExtract summary statistics from an object of class BEST.
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