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An example of hierarchy information: plant taxonomy information. The plant kingdom is characterized by a taxonomic hierarchy. In the taxonomy, individual plants are categorized to species, species to genera, genera to families, and families to phylogenetic groups. Due to the data privacy, we perturbed a subset of taxonomy information from TRY database and not present the phylogenetic groups information. This data set represent the hierarchy as a taxa table as follow: the 1st column is the plant index in the same order as X data, the 2nd column holds species information, the 3rd column holds genus information, and the 4th column holds family information. Figure below represents a schematic of the taxanomy hierarchy structure:

Figure: taxa.png




A data frame containing 20,000 rows and 4 columns.


J. Kattge, S. Diaz, S. Lavorel et al. (2011) Try-a global database of plant traits. Global Change Biology, 17, 2905–2935.

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