Man pages for BIEN
Tools for Accessing the Botanical Information and Ecology Network Database

BIENBIEN: Tools for accessing the BIEN database.
BIEN_list_allExtract a list of all species in the BIEN database.
BIEN_list_countryExtract species list by country
BIEN_list_countyExtract a species list by county.
BIEN_list_spatialpolygonsExtract a list of species within a given spatialpolygons.
BIEN_list_stateExtract a species list by state/province
BIEN_metadata_citationGenerate citations for data extracted from BIEN.
BIEN_metadata_database_versionDownload the current BIEN database version and release date
BIEN_metadata_list_political_namesList political divisions and associated geonames codes.
BIEN_metadata_match_dataCheck for differing records between old and new dataframes.
BIEN_occurrence_boxExtract species occurrence records by a latitude/longitude...
BIEN_occurrence_countryExtract species occurrence records by country.
BIEN_occurrence_countyExtract species occurrence records by county.
BIEN_occurrence_familyExtract species occurrences by family.
BIEN_occurrence_genusExtract occurrence data from BIEN for specified genera
BIEN_occurrence_records_per_speciesCount the number of (geoValid) occurrence records for each...
BIEN_occurrence_spatialpolygonsExtract occurrence data for specified SpatialPolygons or...
BIEN_occurrence_speciesExtract occurrence data for specified species from BIEN
BIEN_occurrence_stateExtract species occurrence records by state.
BIEN_phylogeny_completeDownload the complete BIEN phylogenies
BIEN_phylogeny_conservativeDownload the conservative BIEN phylogeny
BIEN_plot_countryDownload plot data from specified countries.
BIEN_plot_datasetDownload plot data by dataset.
BIEN_plot_datasourceDownload plot data from a given datasource.
BIEN_plot_list_datasourceList available datasources.
BIEN_plot_list_sampling_protocolsList available sampling protocols.
BIEN_plot_metadataDownload plot metadata
BIEN_plot_nameDownload plot data by plot name.
BIEN_plot_sampling_protocolDownload plot data using a specified sampling protocol.
BIEN_plot_stateDownload plot data from specified states/provinces.
BIEN_ranges_boxDownload range maps that intersect a specified bounding box.
BIEN_ranges_genusDownload range maps for given genus.
BIEN_ranges_intersect_speciesDownload range maps that intersect the range of a given...
BIEN_ranges_listList available range maps
BIEN_ranges_load_speciesLoad range maps for specified species.
BIEN_ranges_spatialpolygonsDownload range maps that intersect a user-supplied...
BIEN_ranges_speciesDownload range maps for given species.
BIEN_stem_datasourceExtract stem data for a given datasource from BIEN
BIEN_stem_familyExtract stem data for specified families from BIEN
BIEN_stem_genusExtract stem data for specified genera from BIEN
BIEN_stem_sampling_protocolDownload stem data using a specified sampling protocol.
BIEN_stem_speciesExtract stem data for specified species from BIEN
BIEN_taxonomy_familyExtract taxonomic information for families
BIEN_taxonomy_genusExtract taxonomic information for genera
BIEN_taxonomy_speciesExtract taxonomic information for species
BIEN_trait_familyDownload trait data for given families.
BIEN_trait_genusDownload trait data for given genera.
BIEN_trait_listList all available types of trait data
BIEN_trait_meanCalculates species mean values for a given trait, using Genus...
BIEN_trait_speciesDownload trait data for given species.
BIEN_trait_traitDownload all measurements of a specific trait(s).
BIEN_trait_traitbyfamilyDownload trait data for given families and traits.
BIEN_trait_traitbygenusDownload trait data for given genus/genera and trait(s).
BIEN_trait_traitbyspeciesDownload trait data for given species and trait.
BIEN_trait_traits_per_speciesCount the number of trait observations for each species in...
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