Man pages for BMS
Bayesian Model Averaging Library

as.zlmExtract a Model from a bma Object
beta.draws.bmaCoefficients of the Best Models
bin2hexConverting Binary Code to and from Hexadecimal Code
bma-classClass "bma"
bmsBayesian Model Sampling and Averaging
BMS-internalInternal BMS objects
BMS-packageBayesian Model Sampling 0.3.4
c.bmaConcatenate bma objects
coef.bmaPosterior Inclusion Probabilities and Coefficients from a...
dataflsFLS (2001) growth data
density.bmaCoefficient Marginal Posterior Densities
f21hyperGaussian Hypergeometric Function F(a,b,c,z)
fullmodel.ssqOLS Statistics for the Full Model Including All Potential...
gdensityPosterior Density of the Shrinkage Factor
gprior-classClass "gprior"
image.bmaPlot Signs of Best Models
is.bmaTests for a 'bma' Object
lps.bmaLog Predictive Score
mprior-classClass "mprior"
plot.bmaPlot Posterior Model Size and Model Probabilities
plotCompCompare Two or More bma Objects
plotConvPlot Convergence of BMA Sampler
plotModelsizePlot Model Size Distribution
plot.pred.densityPredictive Densities for bma Objects
pmp.bmaPosterior Model Probabilities
pmpmodelPosterior Model Probability for any Model
post.varPosterior Variance and Deviance
pred.densityPredictive Densities for bma Objects
predict.bmaPredict Method for bma Objects
predict.zlmPredict Method for zlm Linear Model
print.bmaPrinting bma Objects
print.topmodPrinting topmod Objects
quantile.pred.densityExtract Quantiles from 'density' Objects
summary.bmaSummary Statistics for a 'bma' Object
summary.zlmSummarizing Linear Models under Zellner's g
topmodTopmodel Object
topmod-classClass "topmod"
topmodels.bmaModel Binaries and their Posterior model Probabilities
variable.names.bmaVariable names and design matrix
variable.names.zlmVariable names and design matrix
z[.bmaExtract Parts of a topmod Object
zlmBayesian Linear Model with Zellner's g
zlm-classClass '"zlm"'
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