Man pages for BSL
Bayesian Synthetic Likelihood

bslPerforming BSL, BSLasso and semiBSL
bsl-classS4 class '"bsl"'.
BSL-packageBayesian synthetic likelihood
cellCell biology example
combinePlotsBSLPlot the densities of multiple "bsl" class objects.
gaussianSynLikeEstimating the Gaussian synthetic likelihood
ma2An MA(2) model
mgnkThe multivariate G&K example
penbslS3 reference class of the result from tuning to select the...
plot.bslPlot method for class "bsl"
selectPenaltySelecting BSLasso Penalty
semiparaKernelEstimateEstimating the semi-parametric joint likelihood
show.bslShow method for class "bsl". Display the basic information of...
summary.bslSummary method for class "bsl"
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