BSagri: Statistical methods for safety assessment in agricultural field trials

Collection of functions, data sets and code examples for evaluations of field trials with the objective of equivalence assessment.

AuthorFrank Schaarschmidt
Date of publication2013-11-21 11:50:03
MaintainerFrank Schaarschmidt <>

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Man pages

allignment: Allignment according to one factor

BOOTSimpson: Simultaneous confidence intervals for Simpson indices

Brachycera: Eklektor counts of Brachycera

c2compnames: Define row names of a contrast matrix, depending on its...

CCDiff: Contrasts of parameters simulated in BUGS

CCDiff.boot: Compute contrasts of chains of joint empirical distributions.

CCDiff.default: Compute contrasts of chains of joint empirical distributions.

CCRatio: Ratio - contrasts of parameters simulated in BUGS

CCRatio.boot: Compute ratio contrasts of chains of joint empirical...

CCRatio.default: Compute ratio contrasts of chains of joint empirical...

checkargssim: For internal use.

Cica1: Catches of Planthoppers and Leafhoppers

Cica2: Catches of Planthoppers and Leafhoppers

CIGLM: Wrapper to compute confidence intervals from glms

CInp: Construct local confidence intervals from joint empirical...

CountRep: Simulated count data incl. repeated measurements

Decomp: A simulated data set

Diptera: Soil eklektor data for some families of Diptera

ExNBCov: Simulated example data, drawn from a Negative Binomial...

ExPCov: Simulated example data following a Poisson distribution

fakeln: A simulated data set of lognormal data

Feeding: Pupation and Hatching rate in a feeding experiment with four...

IAcontrasts: Interaction contrasts for 2-factorial designs

IAcontrastsCMAT: Interaction contrasts for a two-factorial design

Lepi: Insect counts of 12 Species

minus2slash: Replace - by / in character strings

MM1: Simulated data set for a simple mixed model

MMPois: Simulated data for a simple mixed model with Poisson response

MMPoisRep: Simulated data for a simple mixed model with Poisson response

modelparm.methods: For internal use. Extract model parameters needed for...

Nematocera: Trap counts of Nematocera

plotCI.Methods: Plot confidence intervals calculated by pairwiseCI

printfunctions: Print function for SCSnp

R2Bugsdat1w: For internal use For internal use.

SCSnp: Simultaneous confidence sets from empirical joint...

simplesimint: Simultaneous confidence intervals from raw estimates

summary.simplesimint: Detailed print out for simplesimint objects

UnlogCI: Transform confidence intervals from glm fits.

vcov.gamlss: Extract variance covariance matrix from objects of class...

vcov.geeglm: Extract variance covariance matrix from objects of class...


allignment Man page
BOOTSimpsonD Man page
BOOTSimpsonR Man page
Brachycera Man page
c2compnames Man page
CCDiff Man page
CCDiff.boot Man page
CCDiff.default Man page
CCRatio Man page
CCRatio.boot Man page
CCRatio.default Man page
checkargssim Man page
Cica1 Man page
Cica2 Man page
CIGLM Man page
CInp Man page
CInp.bugs Man page
CInp.CCDiff Man page
CInp.CCRatio Man page
CInp.default Man page
CountRep Man page
Decomp Man page
Diptera Man page
ExNBCov Man page
ExPCov Man page
fakeln Man page
Feeding Man page
IAcontrasts Man page
IAcontrastsCMAT Man page
Lepi Man page
minus2slash Man page
MM1 Man page
MMPois Man page
MMPoisRep Man page
modelparm.gamlss Man page
modelparm.geeglm Man page
Nematocera Man page
plotCI.simplesimint Man page
plotCI.UnlogCI Man page
print.CInp Man page
print.SCSnp Man page
print.simplesimint Man page
print.UnlogCI Man page
R2Bugsdat1w Man page Man page
SCSnp Man page
SCSnp.bugs Man page
SCSnp.CCDiff Man page
SCSnp.CCRatio Man page
SCSnp.default Man page
simplesimint Man page
summary.simplesimint Man page
UnlogCI Man page
UnlogCI.glht Man page
vcov.gamlss Man page
vcov.geeglm Man page


BSagri/R/CIglm.R BSagri/R/print.SCSnp.R BSagri/R/plotCI.UnlogCI.R BSagri/R/R2Bugsdat1w.R BSagri/R/IAcontrasts.R BSagri/R/SCSnp.R BSagri/R/CCRatio.R BSagri/R/allignment.R BSagri/R/ BSagri/R/simplesimint.R BSagri/R/BOOTSimpsonD.R BSagri/R/BOOTSimpsonR.R BSagri/R/CCDiff.R BSagri/R/gamlss_glht.R BSagri/R/geeglm_glht.R BSagri/R/CInp.R BSagri/R/print.CInp.R
BSagri/man/vcov.gamlss.Rd BSagri/man/CCRatio.Rd BSagri/man/allignment.Rd BSagri/man/modelparm.methods.Rd BSagri/man/simplesimint.Rd BSagri/man/checkargssim.Rd BSagri/man/Feeding.Rd BSagri/man/CountRep.Rd BSagri/man/R2Bugsdat1w.Rd BSagri/man/Lepi.Rd BSagri/man/SCSnp.Rd BSagri/man/c2compnames.Rd BSagri/man/minus2slash.Rd BSagri/man/CCDiff.boot.Rd BSagri/man/ExPCov.Rd BSagri/man/MMPoisRep.Rd BSagri/man/Diptera.Rd BSagri/man/CCDiff.Rd BSagri/man/IAcontrasts.Rd BSagri/man/fakeln.Rd BSagri/man/BOOTSimpson.Rd BSagri/man/Brachycera.Rd BSagri/man/MM1.Rd BSagri/man/Cica1.Rd BSagri/man/Cica2.Rd BSagri/man/IAcontrastsCMAT.Rd BSagri/man/CIGLM.Rd BSagri/man/UnlogCI.Rd BSagri/man/CCRatio.default.Rd BSagri/man/vcov.geeglm.Rd BSagri/man/CCRatio.boot.Rd BSagri/man/Decomp.Rd BSagri/man/summary.simplesimint.Rd BSagri/man/CCDiff.default.Rd BSagri/man/plotCI.Methods.Rd BSagri/man/ExNBCov.Rd BSagri/man/ BSagri/man/MMPois.Rd BSagri/man/Nematocera.Rd BSagri/man/CInp.Rd BSagri/man/printfunctions.Rd

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