Man pages for BaTFLED3D
Bayesian Tensor Factorization Linked to External Data

CP_modelBaTFLED model object for 3-D response tensor with CP...
diagonalVersion of diag that has more consistent behavior
exp_varGet the explained variance for a set of predictions
get_data_paramsGet parameters for building a model with known relationships
get_influenceGiven a 'model' object, rank the input predictors (and...
get_model_paramsGet parameters to build a BaTFLED model
im_2_matPlot heatmaps of two matrices in red and blue
im_matPlot a heatmap of a matrix in red and blue
input_dataObject storing input data for BaTFLED algorithm with 3-D...
kernelizeTransform a matrix of input data into a matrix of kernel...
lower_bnd_CPCalculate the lower bound of the log likelihood for a trained...
lower_bnd_TuckerCalculate the lower bound of the log likelihood for a trained...
mk_modelMake a new model object
mk_toyMake a toy dataset to test the 3d BaTFLED model.
mult_3dMultiply three matrices (or vectors) through a given core...
nrmseComputes the normalized root mean squared error
plot_predsMake a scatterplot of observed vs. predicted values
plot_rocPlot reciever operating characteristic (ROC) curves for two...
plot_test_corPlot correlation results from test data
plot_test_exp_varPlot explained variance results from test data
plot_test_RMSEPlot RMSE results from test data
rmseUpdates the root mean squared error for training data....
rotRotate a matrix for printing
safe_logTake logarithm avoiding underflow
safe_prodTakes the product of two matrices adding a column of...
show_matPlot matrices from a model object with im_mat
testGet test predictions for a 3D BaTFLED model.
test_CPPerform 'cold start' prediction using BaTFLED algorthm for CP...
test_resultsGet RMSE & explained variance for warm and cold test results
test_TuckerPerform 'cold start' prediction for Tucker models
trainTrain model using BaTFLED algorthm
train_CPTrain a CP model.
train_TuckerTrain a Tucker model using BaTFLED algorthm
Tucker_modelFactorization object for 3D Tucker models.
update_core_TuckerUpdate values in the core tensor for a Tucker model.
update_mode1_CPUpdate the first mode in a CP model.
update_mode1_TuckerUpdate the first mode in a Tucker model.
update_mode2_CPUpdate the second mode in a CP model.
update_mode2_TuckerUpdate the second mode in a Tucker model.
update_mode3_CPUpdate the third mode in a CP model.
update_mode3_TuckerUpdate the third mode in a Tucker model.
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