Man pages for BayesBD
Bayesian Inference for Image Boundaries

BayesBDbinaryBayesian boundary estimation for binary images
BayesBDnormalBayesian boundary estimation for continuous intensity images
BayesBD-packageBayesian Inference for Image Boundaries
BayesBDshinyBoundary detection and shiny integration
besselIsBessel Function
dsmErrorDice Similarity Coefficient of boundary estimate
eigenfunGenerate the Fourier series
ellipseGenerate ellipse boundaries
fitBinImageData pre-processing and binary image analysis
fitContImageData pre-processing and continuous image analysis
hausdorffErrorHausdorff Error of boundary estimate
lebesgueErrorLebesgue Error of boundary estimate
par2obsSimulate binary intensity images
parnormobsSimulate Gaussian intensity images
plotBDVisualization of posterior boundary estimates and data
rectToPolarSimulate binary intensity images
triangle2Generate triangle boundaries
tum1Brain tumor .png file
tum2Brain tumor .png file
unisliceLSlice Sampler
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