Man pages for BayesNSGP
Bayesian Analysis of Non-Stationary Gaussian Process Models

calcQFCalculate the Gaussian quadratic form for the NNGP...
calculateAD_nsCalculate A and D matrices for the NNGP approximation
calculateU_nsCalculate the (sparse) matrix U
conditionLatentObsAssign conditioning sets for the SGV approximation
determineNeighborsDetermine the k-nearest neighbors for each spatial...
dmnorm_nngpFunction for the evaluating the NNGP approximate density.
dmnorm_sgvFunction for the evaluating the SGV approximate density.
inverseEigenCalculate covariance elements based on eigendecomposition...
matern_corrCalculate a stationary Matern correlation matrix
nsCorrCalculate a nonstationary Matern correlation matrix
nsCrosscorrCalculate a nonstationary Matern cross-correlation matrix
nsCrossdistCalculate coordinate-specific cross-distance matrices
nsCrossdist3dCalculate coordinate-specific cross-distance matrices, only...
nsDistCalculate coordinate-specific distance matrices
nsDist3dCalculate coordinate-specific distance matrices, only for...
nsgpModelNIMBLE code for a generic nonstationary GP model
nsgpPredictPosterior prediction for the NSGP
orderCoordinatesMMDOrder coordinates according to a maximum-minimum distance...
rmnorm_nngpFunction for the evaluating the NNGP approximate density.
rmnorm_sgvFunction for the evaluating the SGV approximate density.
sgvSetupOne-time setup wrapper function for the SGV approximation
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