Man pages for BayesVarSel
Bayes Factors, Model Choice and Variable Selection in Linear Models

BayesVarSel-packageBayes Factors, Model Choice And Variable Selection In Linear...
BMAcoeffBayesian Model Averaged estimations of regression...
BtestBayes factors and posterior probabilities for linear...
BvsBayesian Variable Selection for linear regression models
GibbsBvsBayesian Variable Selection for linear regression models...
HaldHald data
histBMAA function for histograms-like representations of objects of...
JointnessComputation of Jointness measurements.
Ozone35Ozone35 dataset
plot.BvsA function for plotting summaries of an object of class 'Bvs'
predict.BvsBayesian Model Averaged predictions
print.BtestPrint an object of class 'Btest'
print.BvsPrint an object of class 'Bvs'
print.jointnessPrint an object of class 'jointness'
summary.BvsSummary of an object of class 'Bvs'
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