Man pages for Bayesianbetareg
Bayesian Beta regression: joint mean and precision modeling

BayesianbetaregEstBayesian beta regression
Bayesianbetareg-packageBayesian beta regression package: joint mean and precision...
betaresidualsResiduals of the Beta Regression
criteriacriteria for comparison the bayesian beta regression
diagnosticsPlot the residuals of the bayesian beta regression
dpostbPosterior value of beta
dpostgPosterior value of gamma
gammakernelthe probability of a gamma parameter from the probability...
gammaproposalA proposal for gamma parameter
mukernelthe probability of a beta parameter from the probability...
muproposalA proposal for beta parameter
plotresidualsPlot the residuals of the bayesian beta regression
print.Bayesianbetaregprint the Bayesian beta regression
print.summary.Bayesianbetaregprint the summary of the Bayesian beta regression
summary.BayesianbetaregPrint the Bayesian beta regression
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