Man pages for Bchron
Radiocarbon Dating, Age-Depth Modelling, Relative Sea Level Rate Estimation, and Non-Parametric Phase Modelling

BchronBchron: Radiocarbon dating, age-depth modelling, relative sea...
BchronCalibrateFast radiocarbon calibration
BchronDensityNon-parametric phase model
BchronDensityFastNon-parametric phase model (faster version)
BchronologyRuns the Compound Poisson-Gamma chronology model of Haslett...
BchronRSLRelative sea level rate (RSL) estimation
choosePositionsCompute positions to date next which result in maximal...
coreInfluenceFind the influence of dates in a pair of Bchronology runs...
CreateCalCurveCreate a new calibration curve
dateInfluenceFind the influence of the dates in a Bchronology run
GlendaloughGlendalough data
hdrCalculate highest density regions for Bchron calibrated ages
intcal13Northern hemisphere 2013 calibration curve
marine13Marine 2013 calibration curve
normalData for dummy calibration of normally distributed ages
plot.BchronCalibratedDatesPlot calibrated dates from a BchronCalibrate run
plot.BchronDensityRunPlot output from 'BchronDensity'
plot.BchronDensityRunFastPlot run from 'BchronDensityFast'
plot.BchronologyRunPlot output from Bchronology
plot.BchronRSLRunPlot output from BchronRSL
predict.BchronologyRunPredict ages of other positions for a BchronologyRun object
sampleAgesGet sample ages from a set of Bchron calibrated dates
shcal13Southern hemisphere 2013 calibration curve
SlugganSluggan Moss data
summary.BchronCalibratedDatesSummarise a BchronCalibrate object
summary.BchronDensityRunSummarise a Bchron density object
summary.BchronologyRunSummarise a Bchronology object
summary.BchronRSLRunSummarise a BchronRSL run
TestChronDataExample chronology file for use with the BchronRSL function.
TestRSLDataRelative sea level data
unCalibrateUncalibrate a Radiocarbon date
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