Benchmarking: Benchmark and Frontier Analysis Using DEA and SFA

Methods for frontier analysis, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), under different technology assumptions (fdh, vrs, drs, crs, irs, add/frh, and fdh+), and using different efficiency measures (input based, output based, hyperbolic graph, additive, super, and directional efficiency). Peers and slacks are available, partial price information can be included, and optimal cost, revenue and profit can be calculated. Evaluation of mergers is also supported. Methods for graphing the technology sets are also included. There is also support comparative methods based on Stochastic Frontier Analyses (SFA). In general, the methods can be used to solve not only standard models, but also many other model variants. It complements the book, Bogetoft and Otto, Benchmarking with DEA, SFA, and R, Springer-Verlag, 2011, but can of course also be used as a stand-alone package.

AuthorPeter Bogetoft and Lars Otto
Date of publication2015-07-08 17:44:18
MaintainerLars Otto <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Benchmarking Man page
Benchmarking-package Man page
boot.fear Man page
charnes1981 Man page
coef.sfa Man page
cost.opt Man page
critValue Man page
dea Man page
dea.add Man page
dea.boot Man page Man page
dea.dual Man page
dea.dual.mat Man page
dea.mat Man page
dea.merge Man page
dea.plot Man page Man page
dea.plot.isoquant Man page
dea.plot.transform Man page
eff Man page
eff Man page
eff.dens Man page
eff.dens.plot Man page
eff.Farrell Man page
eff.Farrell Man page
efficiencies Man page
efficiencies Man page
efficiencies.default Man page
efficiencies.Farrell Man page
efficiencies.Farrell Man page
efficiencies.sfa Man page
efficiencies.sfa Man page
eff.sfa Man page
eff.sfa Man page
eladder Man page
eladder.plot Man page
excess Man page
get.number.peers Man page
get.which.peers Man page
lambda Man page
lambda.print Man page
lambda.sfa Man page
logLik.sfa Man page
make.merge Man page
mea Man page
mea.lines Man page
milkProd Man page
norWood2004 Man page
outlier.ap Man page
outlier.ap.plot Man page
peers Man page
pigdata Man page
print.cost.opt Man page
print.Farrell Man page
print.profit.opt Man page
print.revenue.opt Man page
print.sfa Man page
print.slack Man page
profit.opt Man page
projekt Man page
residuals.sfa Man page
revenue.opt Man page
sdea Man page
sfa Man page
sigma2.sfa Man page
sigma2u.sfa Man page
sigma2v.sfa Man page
slack Man page
summary.cost.opt Man page
summary.Farrell Man page
summary.profit.opt Man page
summary.revenue.opt Man page
summary.sfa Man page
summary.slack Man page
te1.sfa Man page
te2.sfa Man page
te.add.sfa Man page
teBC.sfa Man page
teJ.sfa Man page
teMode.sfa Man page
te.sfa Man page
typeIerror Man page


Benchmarking/R/malmquist.R Benchmarking/R/addModel.R Benchmarking/R/dea.dual.R Benchmarking/R/graphEff.R Benchmarking/R/boot.fear.R Benchmarking/R/fdhPlus.R Benchmarking/R/cost.R Benchmarking/R/outlier.R Benchmarking/R/deaUtil.R Benchmarking/R/eff.dens.R Benchmarking/R/dea.plot.R Benchmarking/R/bootStat.R Benchmarking/R/dea.web.R Benchmarking/R/dea.R Benchmarking/R/make.merge.R Benchmarking/R/dea.boot.R Benchmarking/R/rev.R Benchmarking/R/sdea.R Benchmarking/R/minDirection.R Benchmarking/R/ Benchmarking/R/malmq.R Benchmarking/R/sfa.R Benchmarking/R/fdhPlus.plot.R Benchmarking/R/fdh.R Benchmarking/R/dea.merge.R Benchmarking/R/slack.R Benchmarking/R/profit.R
Benchmarking/man/slack.Rd Benchmarking/man/mea.Rd Benchmarking/man/dea.Rd Benchmarking/man/milkProd.Rd Benchmarking/man/charnes1981.Rd Benchmarking/man/eff.Rd Benchmarking/man/make.merge.Rd Benchmarking/man/norWood2004.Rd Benchmarking/man/dea.boot.Rd Benchmarking/man/peers.Rd Benchmarking/man/eff.dens.Rd Benchmarking/man/dea.plot.Rd Benchmarking/man/lambda.Rd Benchmarking/man/critValue.Rd Benchmarking/man/eladder.Rd Benchmarking/man/sdea.Rd Benchmarking/man/outlier.Rd Benchmarking/man/dea.dual.Rd Benchmarking/man/cost.opt.Rd Benchmarking/man/ Benchmarking/man/excess.Rd Benchmarking/man/dea.merge.Rd Benchmarking/man/pigdata.Rd Benchmarking/man/sfa.Rd Benchmarking/man/addModel.Rd Benchmarking/man/Benchmarking-package.Rd Benchmarking/man/projekt.Rd Benchmarking/man/typeIerror.Rd

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