API for BiTrinA
Binarization and Trinarization of One-Dimensional Data

Global functions
BASCResult-class Man page
BinarizationResult-class Man page
TASC Man page Source code
TASCA_C Source code
TASCA_C_min Source code
TASCB_C Source code
TASCB_C_min Source code
TASCResult-class Man page
TrinarizationResult-class Man page
binarizationExample Man page
binarize.BASC Man page Source code
binarize.kMeans Man page Source code
binarizeBASCA_C Source code
binarizeBASCB_C Source code
binarizeMatrix Man page Source code
plot,BinarizationResult,ANY-method Man page
plot,BinarizationResult-method Man page
plot,TrinarizationResult,ANY-method Man page
plot,TrinarizationResult-method Man page
plot,numeric,BinarizationResult-method Man page
plot,numeric,TrinarizationResult-method Man page
plotBinarization,BinarizationResult-method Man page
plotStepFunctions Man page
plotStepFunctions,BASCResult-method Man page
plotStepFunctions,TASCResult-method Man page
plotTrinarization,TrinarizationResult-method Man page
print,BASCResult-method Man page
print,BinarizationResult-method Man page
print,TASCResult-method Man page
print,TrinarizationResult-method Man page
show,BASCResult-method Man page
show,BinarizationResult-method Man page
show,TASCResult-method Man page
show,TrinarizationResult-method Man page
trinarizationExample Man page
trinarize.kMeans Man page Source code
trinarizeMatrix Man page Source code
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