Man pages for BioPhysConnectoR

aa2numConversion of Amino Acids into Integer Values
build.contactsDetermine the Contact Map and Distance Matrices
build.hessConstruct the Hessian Matrix
build.interactCompute the Interaction Matrix
build.invhessCompute the Covariance Matrix / Inverse Hessian Matrix
extractPDBExtract Data from a PDB-File
fnormFrobenius Norm of Two Matrices
freq2pCompute the Frequencies in an Alignment
get.bfacsDetermine B factors a List of Contacts for a given Contact Map
get.entropyCompute the Sequence Entropy for an Alignment
get.mieMutual Information
get.svdSingular Value Decomposition
lbpcList the Functions of the BioPhysConnectoR Package
mat.normNormalization of a Matrix
mat.readRead Matrix Data from a File
mat.sortSort a Matrix According to a Specified Column
mat.writeWrites Matrix Data to a File
read.fastaRead FASTA formated Sequences
scpcpSelf-Consistent Pair Contact Probability Approximation
show.codeOutput of the Amino Acid Coding Scheme
simCompute the Covariance Matrices and B Factors for a List of...
simcComputed Elastic Network Models for Switched-Off-List of...
simsApply a List of Different Amino Acid Sequences
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