Man pages for BivRegBLS
Tolerance Interval and EIV Regression - Method Comparison Studies

antilog.predBack transforms the results if a logarithmic transformation...
AromaticsAromatics petroleum data
BivRegBLS-packageTolerance Intervals and Errors-in-Variables Regressions in...
BLSBivariate Least Square regression (BLS)
BLS.fitFit a Bivariate Least Square regression (BLS): estimates...
BLS.htBivariate Least Square regression (BLS)
CBLSCorrelated Bivariate Least Square regression (CBLS)
CBLS.fitFit a Correlated Bivariate Least Square regression (CBLS):...
desc.statDescriptive statistics in method comparison studies
df.WSDegrees of freedom by Welch-Satterthwaite
DRDeming Regression
FullCIs.MDConfidence Intervals by CBLS with all potential solutions
FullCIs.XYConfidence Intervals from OLSv to OLSh by DR and BLS
GraphFullCIs.MDPlot all the CBLS potential solutions
GraphFullCIs.XYPlot all the DR and BLS potential solutions
lambdasMeasurement error variances ratio
MD.horiz.linesTolerance intervals in a (M,D) plot
MD.plotDisplay the CBLS regression, or univariate tolerance...
OLShHorizontal Ordinary Least Square regression
OLSvVertical Ordinary Least Square regression
raw.plotRaw plot for descriptive statistics
SBPSystolic blood pressure data
XY.plotDisplay the BLS regression in a (X,Y) plot
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