Bolstad: Functions for Elementary Bayesian Inference

A set of R functions and data sets for the book Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, Bolstad, W.M. (2017), John Wiley & Sons ISBN 978-1-118-09156-2.

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AuthorJames Curran [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-03-30 11:17:16 UTC
MaintainerJames Curran <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bayes.lin.reg: Bayesian inference for simple linear regression

bayes.lm: Bayesian inference for multiple linear regression

bayes.t.test: Bayesian t-test

bears: bears

binobp: Binomial sampling with a beta prior

binodp: Binomial sampling with a discrete prior

binogcp: Binomial sampling with a general continuous prior

binomixp: Binomial sampling with a beta mixture prior

Bolstad-package: Bolstad Functions

cdf: Cumulative distribution function generic

createPrior: Create prior generic

createPrior.default: Create prior default method

decomp: Plot the prior, likelihood, and posterior on the same plot.

IQR: Interquartile Range generic

lines.Bolstad: Lines method for Bolstad objects

mean.Bolstad: Calculate the posterior mean

mvnmvnp: Bayesian inference on a mutlivariate normal (MVN) mean with a...

normdp: Bayesian inference on a normal mean with a discrete prior

normgcp: Bayesian inference on a normal mean with a general continuous...

normmixp: Bayesian inference on a normal mean with a mixture of normal...

normnp: Bayesian inference on a normal mean with a normal prior

nvaricp: Bayesian inference for a normal standard deviation with a...

plot.Bolstad: Plot method for objects of type Bolstad

poisdp: Poisson sampling with a discrete prior

poisgamp: Poisson sampling with a gamma prior

poisgcp: Poisson sampling with a general continuous prior

print.Bolstad: Print method for objects of class 'Bolstad'

print.sscsamp: Print method for objects of class 'sscsample'

quantile.Bolstad: Posterior quantiles

sd: Standard deviation generic

sd.Bolstad: Posterior standard deviation

sintegral: Numerical integration using Simpson's Rule

slug: Slug data

sscsample: Simple, Stratified and Cluster Sampling Data for simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and...

summary.Bolstad: Summarizing Bayesian Multiple Linear Regression

var: Variance generic

xdesign: Monte Carlo study of randomized and blocked designs

Functions Man page
bayes.lin.reg Man page
bayes.lm Man page
bayes.t.test Man page
bayes.t.test.default Man page
bayes.t.test.formula Man page
bears Man page
binobp Man page
binodp Man page
binogcp Man page
binomixp Man page
Bolstad Man page
Bolstad-package Man page
cdf Man page
cdf.Bolstad Man page
createPrior Man page
createPrior.default Man page
decomp Man page
IQR Man page
lines.Bolstad Man page
mean.Bolstad Man page
mvnmvnp Man page
normdp Man page
normgcp Man page
normmixp Man page
normnp Man page
nvaricp Man page
plot.Bolstad Man page
poisdp Man page
poisgamp Man page
poisgcp Man page
print.Bolstad Man page
print.sscsamp Man page
quantile.Bolstad Man page
sd Man page
sd.Bolstad Man page
sintegral Man page
slug Man page
sscsample Man page Man page
summary.Bolstad Man page
var Man page
xdesign Man page

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