Man pages for BradleyTerry2
Bradley-Terry Models

add1.BTmAdd or Drop Single Terms to/from a Bradley Terry Model
anova.BTmCompare Nested Bradley Terry Models
baseballBaseball Data from Agresti (2002)
BTabilitiesEstimated Abilities from a Bradley-Terry Model
BTmBradley-Terry Model and Extensions
CEMSDittrich, Hatzinger and Katzenbeisser (1998, 2001) Data on...
chameleonsMale Cape Dwarf Chameleons: Measured Traits and Contest...
citationsStatistics Journal Citation Data from Stigler (1994)
countsToBinomialConvert Contingency Table of Wins to Binomial Counts
flatlizardsAugrabies Male Flat Lizards: Contest Results and Predictor...
footballEnglish Premier League Football Results 2008/9 to 2012/13
GenDavidsonSpecify a Generalised Davidson Term in a gnm Model Formula
glmmPQLPQL Estimation of Generalized Linear Mixed Models
glmmPQL.controlControl Aspects of the glmmPQL Algorithm
icehockeyCollege Hockey Men's Division I 2009-10 results
plotProportionsPlot Proportions of Tied Matches and Non-tied Matches Won
predict.BTglmmPQLPredict Method for BTglmmPQL Objects
predict.BTmPredict Method for Bradley-Terry Models
qvcalc.BTabilitiesQuasi Variances for Estimated Abilities
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
residuals.BTmResiduals from a Bradley-Terry Model
seedsSeed Germination Data from Crowder (1978)
sound.fieldsKousgaard (1984) Data on Pair Comparisons of Sound Fields
springallSpringall (1973) Data on Subjective Evaluation of Flavour...
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