Man pages for BradleyTerryScalable
Fits the Bradley-Terry Model to Potentially Large and Sparse Networks of Comparison Data

BradleyTerryScalableA package for fitting the Bradley-Terry model to...
btdataCreate a btdata object
BT_EMFit the Bradley-Terry model using the EM or MM algorithm
btfitFits the Bradley-Terry model
btprobCalculates Bradley-Terry probabilities
citationsStatistics Journal Citation Data from Stigler (1994)
codes_to_countsConverts data frame with a code for wins to counts of wins
coef.btfitExtract coefficients of a 'btfit' object
fitted.btfitFitted Method for "btfit"
select_componentsSubset a btdata object
simulate_BTThis function simulates one or more pseudo-random datasets...
summary.btfitSummarizing Bradley-Terry Fits
toy_dataA toy data set for the 'BradleyTerryScalable' package
vcov.btfitCalculate variance-covariance matrix for a btfit object
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