Man pages for BrailleR
Improved Access for Blind Users

AddXMLInternalInternal functions for adding the necessary XML content for...
AddXMLMethodCreate XML files to sit alongside SVG files in order to make...
AugmentMethodadd additional detail to the stored object for a graph
AutoSpellCheckAutomatic fixing of typos
boxplotCreate a standard boxplot with a few extra elements added to...
BrailleR-packageImproved Access for Blind Users
BrailleRUsefulLinksOpen the home page for the BrailleR Project, the Google...
BRLThisConvert a graph to a pdf ready for embossing
BrowseSVGLaunches a browser tab to explore SVG diagram
CleanCSVclean out unwanted white space from a csv file
DataViewerOpen a data object in your chosen spreadsheet software
dotplotcreate a dotplot using stripchart
EmbossersPrepare BrailleR settings for specific braille embossers
FindReplaceFind/Replace text in a file
GetExampleTextextract the example text from a help page
GetGoingSet options for using brailleR
GetWriteRDownload an executable for Windows users
grep.VIgraphString manipulation of the output produced by VI.ggplot
histCreate a standard histogram with a few extra elements added...
historyView the history of the current workspace
InternalInternal functions for the BrailleR package
JoinBlindRUGSend an email based on a template
MakeAccessibleSVGMethodCreate matched pairs of SVG and XML files to make an...
MakeAllFormatsPrepare the options for conversion of an R markdown file.
MakeBatchCreate batch files for processing R scripts and markdown...
MakeReadableConvert line breaks in vignette documentation
MakeRmdFilesWork flow convenience functions
MakeRprofileLoad BrailleR on Startup in Current Working Directory
MakeSlideShowTurn a set of Rmd files into an HTML slide show
NewFunctionCreate a template for a new function
OneFactorAnalysis for a continuous response for one group factor
OnePredictorExploration of the relationship between a response and a...
OptionsSet package options
pdf2htmlConvert a pdf file to html
PrepareWriteRGetting started with WriteR
R2txtJGSave a transcript of commands and/or output to a text file.
RequireLoad a package by installing it if necessary
ScatterPlotCreate a standard scatter plot with a few extra elements...
SetOptionsFunctions for setting package options.
SetupBrailleREstablish the BrailleR folder for the user
sort.VIgraphSort VI.ggplot points list
SpellCheckA spell checking interface
SpellCheckFilesSpell checking a file or all files within a specified folder
SVGThisSave commonly used graphs as structured SVG files.
ThreeFactorsA convenience function for a Three-way analysis
TSPlotCreate a standard time series plot with a few extra elements...
TwoFactorsA convenience function for a two-way analysis
unfinishedUnfinished Methods to help vision impaired useRs
UniDescDescriptive statistics and graphs for univariate data
UpdateGraphextract or alter graph parameters
VIMethods to help vision impaired users
ViewSVGCreate the necessary files to allow interactive viewing of...
VI.ggplotVI for graphs created using ggplot2
WhereXYCount points in a scatter plot
WTFWhat's this figure?
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