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Estimate individual-level partial correlation coefficients


Estimate individual-level partial correlation coefficients in time series data with 1-α confidence intervals. Note that these are confidence intervals for single parameters, not simultaneous confidence intervals.


  lambda = NULL,
  type = c("slasso", "lasso"),
  alpha = 0.05,
  ci = TRUE



time series data of an individual which is a n*p numeric matrix, where n is the number of periods of time and p is the number of variables.


a penalty parameter of order √{\log(p)/n}. If NULL, √{2*2.01/n*\log(p*(\log(p))^{1.5}/n^{0.5})} is used in scaled lasso, and √{2*\log(p)/n} is used in lasso. Increasing the penalty parameter may lead to larger residuals in the node-wise regression, causing larger absolute values of estimates of partial correlation coefficients, which may cause more false positives in subsequent tests.


a character string representing the method of estimation. "slasso" means scaled lasso, and "lasso" means lasso. Default value is "slasso".


significance level, default value is 0.05.


a logical indicating whether to compute 1-α confidence interval, default value is TRUE.


An indEst class object containing two or four components.

coef a p*p partial correlation coefficients matrix.

ci.lower a p*p numeric matrix containing the lower bound of 1-α confidence interval, returned if ci is TRUE.

ci.upper a p*p numeric matrix containing the upper bound of 1-α confidence interval, returned if ci is TRUE.

asym.ex a matrix measuring the asymptotic expansion of estimates, which will be used for multiple tests.

type regression type in estimation.


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## Quick example for the individual-level estimates
# estimating partial correlation coefficients by scaled lasso
pc = individual.est(indsim)

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