Man pages for Brobdingnag
Very Large Numbers in R

ArithMethods for Function Arith in package Brobdingnag
as.numericCoerces to numeric or complex form
brobBrobdingnagian numbers
brob-classClass "brob"
Brobdingnag-packageVery Large Numbers in R
cbrobCombine Brobdingnagian vectors
CompareMethods for Function Compare in Package Brobdingnag
ComplexReal and imaginary manipulation
ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of brobs or glubs
getPGet and set methods for brob objects
glubGlubbdubdribian numbers: complex numbers with Brobdingnagian...
glub-classClass "glub"
lengthGet lengths of brobs and glubs
LogicLogical operations on brobs
MathVarious logarithmic and circular functions for brobs
plotBasic plotting of Brobs
PrintMethods for printing brobs and glubs
SummaryVarious summary statistics for brobs and glubs
swift-classClass "swift"
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