HAV: Hepatitis A virus data

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An outbreak of the hepatitis A virus (HAV) occurred in and around a college in northern Taiwan from April to July 1995.




A three lists data with 7 variables.


Cases of students in that college were ascertained by three sources: (i) P-list, records based on a serum test taken by the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Department of Health of Taiwan (135 cases); (ii) Q-list, local hospital records reported by the National Quarantine Service (122 cases); (iii) E-list, records collected by epidemiologists (126 cases). Merging the three lists by eliminating duplicate records resulted in 271 ascertained cases.


Chao, D., Shau, W., Lu, C., Chen, K., Chu, C., Shu, H., and Horng, C. (1997). A large outbreak of hepatitis A in a college school in Taiwan: associated with contaminated food and water dissemination. Epidemiology Bulletin, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Government.



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